This is the default page created by installing CMExpress.

Posted at 6:45am, 1/11/2011 (UTC)
Parden the Dust...

Well, after going so long with just the placeholder page, the CMExpress site now runs off CMExpress! CMExpress, currently Alpha 0.5.2, isn't near a releasable state for now, so additions to the page outside of occasional development updates will probably be a bit sparse.

Here's a rough outline of what major sections I'll need to code before this reaches any form of beta version:

  • User/group permissions
  • User profiles/preferences/settings
  • Multiple user support
  • Various administration/moderating tools
  • Site-based file editors for templates, CSS, image modifying, etc.
  • Online documentation

So most of what's left is related to multiple user support, which will most likely introduce most of the bugs as well as security issues. What I'll probably do is get everything independent of that to a "beta" state and release that as Alpha 0.9.0 so that I can start getting outside feedback and bug reports.

That's all in the distant future at this point, as I aside from the list above, there is no written list of what I want or need to do with CMExpress. This has all been done in my spare time, since the only thing that ever demanded progress in CMExpress has been the desired functionality of my personal websites.

I guess that's it for now. I'll try to have a more structured plan by the next update, whenever that happens.